Clases de salsa en Malaga 10Ä/ month. [English version below]

Salsa lessons in Malaga | 10Ä per month | | 


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No. I donít have other lesson hours.


20 euros/hora. Clases particulares. per month. You donít have to pay a tuition or to book a place.


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Estamos en varios sitios de Malaga. Tienes que mirarlo en la imagen de los horarios, porque cambian muy a menudo. A veces incluso cambia varias veces en la misma semana.


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Important: my classes are only in spanish.

Hello. My name is Antonio and I give salsa lessons in Malaga. I always begin a new introductory level group at the beginning of the month.

There is no need to come with a partner, unless it is difficult or impossible to find one because of the age (under 18 and above 60). If you are under 18 or above 70 years old you have to come with a partner.

There are four lessons per month. If you canít come one day, comment it to me and I tell you when you can retake the lesson. Normally you retake it in the same week. I recommend you not to skip lessons during the first month because there we are going to learn the basic steps.

Do you want to see a lesson? Come any evening at about 8.00 pm. Easier: I have written El libro de las clases de salsa (The book of the salsa lessons). It is free. You can download it in pdf format and there you have the description of some figures and links to videos on Youtube.

The average age of the students is usually 40 years and because of the timetable there are usually more or less the same number of men and women, except at rainy days then there are missing women and at football days there are missing men. It is not male chauvinism or feminism, but a very evident fact.
How much did I want to write this!

It will take you more or less one year to learn to dance and it depends above all if you go out or not afterwards with the classmates to practice what you learnt.

You do not need any special clothes or footwear to dance salsa; however I recommend you to learn with the same footwear that you are going to use when going out to dance. If you go out on Saturday nights with high heels, I recommend you to learn to dance in high heels. I donít recommend flip-flops or trainers because you could hurt yourself by a turn.

You can easily park in the area. There are free places behind the building, at a guess for about hundred cars. But not at the entrance, because I park there. Therefor I always arrive a bit earlier.

The price is 20 euros/hora. Clases particulares. per month. I donít charge for tuition, booking a place or some other similar story. 20 euros/hora. Clases particulares.. Two consecutive hours, one day per week. There will be months where we dance five days and others where we dance three days. I charge you neither more nor less.


Translated by: Ana María Ocón.